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 General Rules

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lebron jam24
lebron jam24

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PostSubject: General Rules   Sat May 24, 2008 12:59 pm

* Complaining, arguing and acting like little kids will not be tolerated. I do not mind younger users in my league if they can behave. I will not hesitate to ban anyone if they act immature. Keep this league respectable by trying to get along with one another, please.

* DO NOT criticize the admin's or any staff member involved with this league. I will make sure we have active users and that they do their job correctly and swiftly. If anyone has any concerns please shoot me a message and I will handle the issue. DO NOT make things public. I will discipline the member who makes issues public and the member brought at hand if something is wrong or if someone cheated.

* DO NOT make more than one user name. If I find someone is creating more than one account, again, they will be banned. No questions will be asked before I ban you. If you have issues logging in or something is wrong with your account, bring it to my attention and I will handle it. Do not just go and make a new account since you will get banned.

* Activity is required. What this means is that if you are inactive for 5 days, without messaging me, lebron jam24, that you are on vacation, or explaining a reason, you will receive an email pertaining to the inactivity. Upon the reaching of a week you will receive your second and last email, this one is a warning. Upon 10 days, you will be removed as GM and replaced. This Forum can only run efficiently when the GM's are active.
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General Rules
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