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 Trading Guidlines

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lebron jam24
lebron jam24

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PostSubject: Trading Guidlines   Sat May 03, 2008 5:55 pm

Pending Trade: When you post a trade you should have all this information= name, age, overall, contract length First you post it in the pending section and the trading council will look at it.

Approved trade: This is when the trading council votes on it and it gets 3 votes that say the trade is fair for both teams it will say 2-0 approved that means that 3 people voted yes and 0 people voted no, all you need is three votes for it to get accepted. The approved trades will then be processed in to madden.

Denied Trade: This is when the trading council votes and say that the trade is unfair it will say something like 0-4 not approved (and the reason it got denied) then you will have the chance to rework your trade and go post it in the pending trade again. (TC will be fairly relaxed they won't deny trades that are not far from being even.. i just don't want to see like Aaron Rodgers for Matt Moore and a 2nd!! that would be denied by the TC i'm sure)

Other Notices: Also if your roster is over 55 players the trade will automatically get declined and you will have to rework it, and same thing if you are over 10 draft picks.

Trade Deadline: Week 10
Trading Block: only post one Trade block for team

Have any question PM me or email me
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Trading Guidlines
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